~ BalAnce, Shawna McCrea ~

BalAnce - Is on a MISSION to support people in creating their best lives

BalAnce Assessment - How Balanced are you?
BalAnce Directory - BalAnce Business Members are here to support you
BalAnce Events - 100+ Well-Being Events in your Community every year
BalAnce Community Collaborations - Better Together
BalAnce Business Member Support - Helping LOCAL Well-Being Businesses to THRIVE and GROW
BalAnce is a bridge between LOCAL well-being businesses and the LOCAL community.

People in our Community are not balanced and/or suffering
We need our LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners
We need to create awareness of our LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners
We need to connect Community with LOCAL Well-Being Practitioners
Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and isolating
Balance Well-Being Centre Inc.

Various members will be at the booth.

Jan 12: Monaliz Niebergall, Stepping Stones Homeopathy

Feb 23: Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness