~ Daringly Mindful, Diana Reyers ~

Diana Reyers Dares to Share her empowering story, along with 7 others written by a tribe of ordinary men and women who choose to find the courage to commit to their Authentic selves. Creating Daring to Share Storytelling through her book series and events, Diana offers her readers and audience the opportunity to experience stories of personal transition describing each writer’s Authentic Road Trip that, ultimately, takes them From There To Here to their Inner Purpose Feeling, their place of truth.

This is unlike any other collaborative book you will ever read as you will feel the writers more than you care about what they are doing. As a collective, we chose to never tell the reader what to do, how to be or how to feel. We believe how each of us shows up in the world is unique and a choice, and if our stories inspire just one person to find the beginning to their Authentic way of being and feeling, then our intention will be fulfilled; they will have started their From There to Here.