~ Divine Waters / Active Care Health, Andre Borak ~

Andre offers a unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology that will help balance your Body, Mind, and Spirit, and leave you looking and feeling years younger.

Andre trained for five years and graduated with a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For six years following his graduation he ran a holistic General Health practice, treating patients with needs ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, including men’s and women’s specific health issues, general health concerns like pain, arthritis, and digestive disorders, treatment for addictions (i.e. stop smoking), and a myriad of other health issues that cannot be treated by conventional means. While running his health practice in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Andre became the “go-to guy” for many people in the community, and received many referrals from local doctors. Andre focused on non-invasive acupressure and began to offer cosmetic facial rejuvenation as part of his regular treatments.

A typical treatment with Andre involves diagnosing internal health issues through Traditional Oriental Medicine techniques and then using a combination of magnetic acupressure and a plasma photon sound machine on the body to bring health and glow to the face.

Andre has a keen ability to understand what is going on in the body and will work with you to plan out a treatment protocol. He offers information and support on diet therapy and gives vitamin and nutritional supplement advice. Andre’s goal is to get you up and going quickly so you can reclaim your health, and move forward with your life.