~ Flow with Life, Benita Richardson ~

Benita is a highly sensitive empath and clairvoyant.  She helps you discover more about yourself and your soul intentions by receiving insights from Divine Source and your Highest Self.  She also uses spiritual healing techniques to help you achieve deep inner shifts in all levels of your being.  This frees your energies to flow toward manifesting the life you desire.

As a ThetaHealing® Independent Certified Practitioner, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and enthusiastic student of Law of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks, Seth, Bashar, Oneness thru Rasha), Benita assists you to claim your mastery as the Divine Creator of your own life.

Benita works from her home on the west side of Okanagan Lake.  Regular manifesting sessions are 80 minutes.  Held by phone or internet video (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger).

Mini manifesting sessions at the market will be 20 minutes.

Other services:

-      Clarify your connection to Divine Source/ your Highest Self so you are guided from within

-      Enhance your psychic and healing abilities

-      Release attachments, soul contracts, vows, events in past lives

-      Free yourself from family patterns