~ Fox Dreamer Energy Centre, Joe Greenland and Cindy Edgson ~

FOX DREAMER Energy Centre is focused around Energetic Health and Awareness, offering Energy Clearings for Personal, Home (Real-Estate) and Business. Indigenous and Universal Teachings, Weekly Meditation / Energy focus groups and Stone Carving Workshops all offered on location in Penticton.

Joe Greenland is FOX DREAMER “Shaman or Medicine Man”, he is originally from Aklavik, Northwest Territories where he was raised by his grandfather who was known to Joe as a Medicine Man. His grandfather taught him how to stay connected, to ask questions and always be aware of energy. What some say as being gifted Joe sees as being normal. With Joe’s abilities to see, hear, feel Spirit and sense energy; he uses these abilities and experiences to help people who are looking for change in their lives. People who are wanting and willing to let go of old ways and making space for their future growth.