~ Gaby Knodel, readings ~

Gaby has been communicating with spirit since she was three years old. When she realized that this wasn’t the norm for others, she stopped developing her gift. After experiencing more spirit communication, she sought out mentors and teachers to help use her gift effectively. Gaby is internationally trained and mentored and has brought peace and healing to many people and pets.

“Your message was so clear and it was so beautiful!” D.B.

“Your message was something that I really needed to hear at this time. Thank you for your nurturing and gentleness!” T.C.

“When you brought my grandfather through, I could actually feel his hug WOW. This was so healing for me.” L.S.

“I could actually feel spirit! It is so calming! You give such peace.” A.B.

“My 13 year old dog couldn’t walk properly and three hours after your healing with her, she was back to herself!” K.K.