~ Gaby Knodel, Psychic Medium ~

About Gaby Psychic Medium: Gaby has been communicating with spirit since she was three years old. Gaby is internationally trained and mentored and has brought peace and healing to many people and pets.
Offering: Gaby will be doing 20 Minute Soul Readings at the Holistic Fair. This is a mediumship reading all about you and your soul that is sure to inspire!
What Clients Say:

“Your message was so clear and it was so beautiful!” D.B.

“Your message was something that I really needed to hear at this time. Thank you for your nurturing and gentleness!” T.C.

"Everything you said came true!! I'm coming back to see what is next!" A.J.

“I could actually feel spirit! It is so calming! You give such peace.” A.B.