~ Jan Block Heart Sage, Janice Block ~

At Jan Block HeartSage, I help women and men create a life of in-powered wellbeing, naturally. My focus is on enhancing wholistic wellbeing while reducing stress.

I offer single sessions in transformational coaching, hypnosis (traditional, past life regression and pure spirit connection), EFT tapping, Chakra Clearing and guided visualization. I have created programs called “Healing Hearts”, “Resilience Training 4 Life” and “Unleash Your Highest Potential”.  I use and offer Young Living Essential Oils and heart variability monitors to assist my clients on their wellbeing journey.

I am a HeartMath Certified Coach and certified in Hypnosis, Critical Incident Stress Management, and trained by Erickson College in the Art and Science of Coaching.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, let’s connect. I believe, Together We Are Better!