~ Joyful Encounters, Sylvia Johnson ~

I wonder.....
Are you dreamer, a seeker, a survivor?
Have you suffered any form of abuse during the course of your life, ie: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc or do you suffer with
PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder),depression, stress, anxiety, fear, rage, mind chatter, worry, insomnia, etc.?
If any of these are a familiar part of you life or day and you have been searching, searching and searching, however nothing has really resonated with empowering you or gifting you, real relief..... this, just may be what you have been searching for.
Myself, being born into a family of alcoholics and abuse of every form, I grew up hating myself, my body, my life. I was sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, depressed and just wanted to hide in a corner and die, for forty years of my life!
Even though I am grateful for the willingness to partake in many different modalities and therapies over 27 years, nothing empowered me like Access  Consciousness did
and continues to do, every second of every day.
So if you are searching for a different possibility, from the ones currently controlling and manipulating your life and practically your every move!
Why not stop in at my booth for a 20 minute taster of Access Consciousness hands on process for $25.00.
Why not give this a try?
I wonder, what possibilities may open up for you and your body?
What if, at worst you'll feel like you just had a great massage and
at the best your whole life changes?