~ Keys to Serenity, Serge Mazerand ~

Serge Mazerand is a classical improvisational pianist and composer of healing music. He records and writes under the private label and brand Keys to Serenity®. 

Born in France, Serge established very early in his life a profound kinship with nature and music. Yet he chose to study business and pursued a corporate career, marketing luxury fragrances throughout the world. Mid-life spurred him to embrace a radical lifestyle change and, moved by his love of water and fishing, he immigrated to Canada to build and operate a floating salmon-fishing resort on the North Coast of British Columbia. 

The man of action transformed into a man of reflection when he settled on the banks of an enchanted river, which became his mentor. After more than twenty years of introspection and meditation, Serge was inspired to crystallize his reflections into written notes. 7 keys to Serenity is his first book. Coming full circle and combining the power of music, of the spoken and written word, he has made it his late-in-life mission to contribute to healing the world.