~ Open Mind, Paul Halonen ~

Kah-Len (Aka: Paul Halonen) is a local healer and metaphysical teacher, prophet and guide.
He is the author of the “Beyond All Beliefs” series of 4 metaphysical books about the journey of the soul, God, Aliens, Angels and the afterlife along with the Father’s plan to save this world without violence.
He speaks and hears directly and authentically from the Father (Creator) and his son Jhe’shua (Pronounced Yesh-huah). His communication with Jhe’shua is both telepathic and face to face. With the father, it is direct and received through the heart chakra. It is NOT channeled information and information given to others is direct! Kah-Len is a Melchizedek.
Kah-Len was the name he himself chose in 2014 after receiving instructions from the Father (Our Creator) that the student must become the teacher. 
In a direct face to face discussion with Jhe’shua, Kah-Len was told how A’ndassi was his original name 250,000 years ago and that they were always very close friends. He told Kah-Len that he is from Clan Semjase (Pronounced Sem-yassie) from New Lyra that orbits star Atlas. That A’ndassi sat as High Ambassador of the Galactic Alliance and Conclave of Masters. During which time together they aided in the colonization of A’tlaisia (Atlantis) roughly 25,000 cycles (Life cycles) ago. 
Kah-Len was given the knowledge of eternal youth and life that the Knights Templar have been trying to find as the holy grail. They killed Mary Magdalene and their 3 children in order to steal their genetics to mix with their own. Jhe’shua was also the person known as Isa Ben Joseph and has lived forever.

Kah-Len will be giving $20. soul & akashic readings at the market.

THE UN-REAL TRUTH is the first book of the “Beyond All Beliefs!” series of four books on Metaphysics. 1) THE UN-REAL TRUTH! about creation, the Creator and the journey of the soul. (To be published Oct 2019)

2) THE UN-REAL REALITY! concerning life beyond our reality and Aliens and life within the collective consciousness beyond our solar system. 

3) THE UN-REAL SOCIETIES! which is about secret societies and their plans. 

4) THE UN-REAL TECHNOLOGY! which is a book to heal the planet and bring heaven on earth!

Let’s sit and have a deep conversation about all that is beyond this illusion!