~ Roxanne Landry Coaching & 3 Balance Holistics ~

To my goddess Moms. Busy moms that barely have time to breathe. Beautiful creatures that need help regaining themselves after one, two, three or more children. 

Mom’s who’s tempers flare, who’s house is a mess. Mom’s who have messy kitchens, cry in the corner, lock the bathroom door just to get a few minutes of alone time.

Moms who need to relearn the space between heartbeats is for them.

Moms who give all they have every day to their little people, significant other and, the world. I take You and hold Your heart for a little while, give You space to breathe, to just be. I You give space to release all that is and was so You can bloom into their best most amazing self.

We each have a path to walk and in it we need love, compassion and a safe place to truly let go.

This is 3Balance Holistics let me serve You, hold space for You let yourself unwind and relax. Pack the most into moments between the breath and heartbeat so You can truly live and be You.