~ Sereen Spirit Healing, Keyla Ohs ~

Sereen Spirit Healing offers Energetic Medicine for Mind, Body and Spirit.  I am trained in a variety of subtle body healing techniques including Reiki (Master), Bio Energy Healing, and both traditional (Buddhist) and non traditional meditation.  During a treatment session, I assist the client to release stagnant emotional issues, aid in pain relief from physical ailments and guide the client to a better understanding of their health and spiritual goals by holding a safe space.

Part intuitive reading, part energetic medicine, each treatment is completely different depending on the needs of the client. The focus is on the mind body connection, accessing and identifying blocks in the aura and body so they can be released and divine guidance accessed. Treatments are followed by a summary of the issues that came up so the client can use the results as tools in their own healing. Recording of the treatment summary is welcomed.