~ Sohum Shamanic Healing & Sound Massage, Sheena Oliphant ~

Robert and Sheena assist individuals in healing, releasing and clearing unhealthy patterns in body, mind, and soul through their Shamanic Sound Healing, Reiki, and Ayurvedic approach to Massage.

Cleanse, clear and detoxify the body of accumulated toxic energy due to environmental pollution, chemicals in food or unhealthy eating habits, EMF’s, personal, work, social, or family related stress, and any mental / emotional imbalances that are cause for dis-ease adversely affecting one’s health, happiness, and balance within.

Release soul trauma, negative emotions, forgive and experience liberation from outdated belief systems and thought patterns that prevent healing and impair soul growth. 

Receive communications from Angel, Animal, Totem, Ancestor, Crystal and Star Guides for attaining knowledge, personal insight, Self-Awareness and Soul Empowerment.