~ Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc., Evelyn Mulders ~

Evelyn Mulders is the founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada and senior faculty for the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. She has been training students in Energy Medicine since 1996.

She owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center and is the Alchemist of Sound Essence vibrational remedies.

Her passion for educating others has inspired her to write two published books: “The Essence of Sound” and “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory”. She has developed a leading edge energy kinesiology protocol and training manuals designed for athletes: “Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning”.

Experience how the vibration of "sound in a bottle" will accelerate the manifestation of your new desires, dreams, and fabulous lives by creating resonant frequency to match your wishes.

Sound Essence shifts the frequency in your meridians, chakras, and the auric field band for full body, mind and soul rapture.

Evelyn helps keep your High Vibes Alive with Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies for Body, Mind and Soul! Experience it for free at the Holistic Market and enter to win a bottle of Positive Vibes spray.