~ Tea Leaf Readings by Tara ~

Tara has been intuitive her whole life. She holds the firm belief that all humans are inherently psychic, they were just taught to silence those abilities which were present from birth. She knows that modern humans have spent far too long separated and out of touch with Nature and from who and what they really are...Energetic and Powerful Beings here to create and experience all that is available.

When she was a young child Tara spent many hours in direct contact with the Earth - exploring the shores, immersed in the water itself, cradled in the mountains, wandering the forests, playing in gardens, basking in the sunlight, bathing in the moonlight, observing the Cosmos. In all those explorations and meditations she found herself hearing and feeling and experiencing Energies and Other Worlds. At the time, she did not have words, nor reason, to explain this. It would be in her later years, after much trauma in her life, that she would awake and and begin to recognize, listen to, and act upon the wisdom and guidance of the Elements, the Ancestors, Animal, Plant, and Stone Spirits, Source, and her Highest Self. Her Shamanic training began much earlier than she realized, long before she became a conscious student of the Earth and a self taught Psychic Being.

Today, and for many years now, Tara Wayshower is just that - a Shamanic and Psychic Wayshower - using the Shamanic Tools and Medicines of her Ancestors and her Mother Earth. She lives with her family on Sacred Land in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. Tara spends her days working with her clients and students; providing them with life changing readings, ceremonies, journeys, courses, and other forms of teachings...and wandering her land listening closely, collecting Medicines, strengthening her relationships with her Family, her Ancestors, the Trees, Animals, Plants, Water, and Stones that reside on the Sacred Land with her.

She walks in endless wonder and gratitude.


The energy Tara taps in to, in order to read your tea leaves, knows no bounds. There is no limit on distance or locality. The Universe, the Tao, the Collective Consciousness, Source is unrestrained and uninhibited and is everywhere at all points.

Whether in person or distance, when Tara reads your tea leaves, the leaves provide keys to deciphering the messages coming from Source, whilst she ‘reads your soul’ so that the messages that are delivered are exactly YOURS. The tea leaves are full of symbolic messages that are received, interpreted, and translated through her energy, your energy, and Source energy. Tara’s clients are always amazed at the accuracy and relevancy of their readings, and how profoundly the messages get right to the heart of what they truly need. Those who receive a reading from Tara walk away with a strong sense of clarity, understanding, and personal empowerment.