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Sunday Sept 15

The fall events (Sept 15, Oct 6 and Nov 10) have a wait-list in some categories.

After submitting your registration, please wait for confirmation before sending in payment.

Floor Plan


1. Daniel Legault, Raw Magic Chocolate

2. Serge Mazerand, Keys to Serenity

3. not available

4. Erin Amantea, Spirit Gypsy

5. Dr Emily and Dr Kent, LifeWorks Family Chiropractic

6a. Odette Baumgartner, Odette’s Skin Laser Wellness Clinic

6b. Marie Martin, Marie Martin Coaching

7. Wayne Still, Structural Integration Bodywork

8a. Carla Van Voorst, Holographic Healing

8b. Daneaya Ziolkoski

9. Debora Powell, Lotus

10. Erin Benoit, Spiritual Medium

11. Regina Leung, LifeForce Channel.com

12. Norma Cowie

13. Danielle James, Akashic records

14. Patti Seidler, Intuitive reading and coaching services

15. Chelsea Dick, Psychic Medium

16. Jaysone Tylor, Magical Readings

17. Lucille Riddell, I.A.M. Wholistic

18. Braden Karringten, Healing Tree Harmonics


19. Colette Marie Stefan, The Truth is Funny shift happens

20 & 21. Gaby Knodel Psychic Medium

22. Christina Muller, Senegence

23. small booth, shared table $90

24. Cherie Hanson, Creative

25. small booth, no table $90

26. Shirley Brand, Power Animal Retrieval

27. Kylie Feller, Success Coaching

28. Shannon Bliss, Health is Bliss

29. Carly Penfold, Young Living Essential Oils

30 & 31. Evelyn Mulders, Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies

32. Karen Barber, August Moon Wellness

33. Dr Margot McKinnon, Spark the Spirit Productions

34. Sylvia Johnson, Access Consciousness Bars

35. Debbie Henshall, Monat

36. & 37. Joe and Cindy, Fox Dreamer

38. Dennis Munro, Bemer  


39. Jan Lyons, Ocean Sales Group Ltd.

40. John Schlapbach, Visions Healing

41. Keita Ochiai, Kiai Shiatsu

42. Dr Alana Hendrickson, ND

43. Sheena Oliphant, Sohum Shamanic Healing and Sound Massage

44. Maria O’Farrell Carr, OK in Health

45. Nina Armitage and Dale Harris, Tesla Healers of the Okanagan


46a. available: small corner booth with shared 8ft table $110

46b. Candace Moon, Stellar Ground

47. Shannon Holand, VoxxLife

48. Symphony Schaaf, S&M Soap Co.

49. Cristin Platt, Sakura Spiritual Arts


50. Tara Bradley, Tea Leaf Readings

51. Georgina Crate, Readings by Morning Star

52. Miriam Cunha, Itza Rainbow


53. Marij & Arnold, PURE Armstrong