Hi, I'm Carly Penfold.

I draw from over 12 years experience with Shiatsu Acupressure, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, singing bowls, and Tarot Card readings to teach online courses and produce a weekly Holistic Living Show.

Founder of the Holistic Market & Psychic Fair I supported the holistic and psychic community with over 40 live in-person events over 5 years until it closed due to covid-19.

I invite you to hop on a call for pain relieving tips through my complimentary 'Pain Relief Breakthrough' sessions that have worked for hundreds of my clients over the past 12 years. I have a limited number of monthly spots available for this free, no obligation call, because no one should ever have to live in pain when there are natural solutions! Book your session using the button below.

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* All in-person events have been cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings. * You are invited to join the Facebook group 'Holistic Living Tribe' to stay connected with this community, and to participate in the weekly 'Holistic Living Show' where Carly interviews guests and delves into holistic and psychic topics.

Holistic Living Show

Inside the FB Group 'Holistic Living Tribe'. Every Tues at 11:11 am PT

'Holistic Living Tribe'

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